sister school activities between Jinan High School Nr.2, China and the

Vaskivuori Upper Secondary School, Finland

Based on the sister city agreement between the city of Jinan and the city of Vantaa and the project plan between the National Board of Education in Finland and the Department of Basic Education from the Ministry of Education of P.R.China the Jinan High School Nr.2 and the Vaskivuori Upper Secondary School (hereinafter referred to as ‘both schools’) will carry out an agreement for sister school activities.

1. Both schools will educate their students to understand the great value of world peace and the richness of international cooperation between foreign countries.
2. Both schools will work to increase students’ knowledge of the culture, history, nature and everyday life of the other partner’s country.
3. The sister school agreement makes a lasting positive contribution to everyday work in both schools, specifically in terms of all-round education and action readiness.
4. The implementation of the sister school agreement relies mainly on teachers’ and students’ personal activity.
5. Both schools promote the use of the Internet and new technology in cooperation.
6. The sister school agreement promotes teachers’ and students’ contacts with the reference groups that support the school and the educational goals which the school has.
7. Both schools will make together a cooperation plan for each school year, in which they evaluate the achievements of the last school year and give guidelines for the cooperation of the next school year.

The sister school agreement was signed in Jinan on 28th October, 2003. It is in both English and Chinese, and both texts have equal validity.


Eira Kasper Ma Baoshan
Principal Principal
Vaskivuori Jinan No. 2 High School of
Upper Secondary School, Shandong Province,
Finland China


Director of Education
Office of Education and Culture
The City of Vantaa